Innovative, mechanical SINGRISET system for extracting and separating meat, cartilage, monofilament and tendons, on ready-made heads, provided by EKOMEX, designed for easy installation on company butcher wolves WW130 and WW160, which has a new function:

- crumbling with separating for small, firmly chopped meats from class III and IV obtained from punching,

- grinding all sizes 3 mm with the effect of softening in the narrow intramuscular range III-IV.


In the case of chopping fresh and slightly frozen meat, the SINGRISET system replaces traditional cutting knives consisting of knives and nets.

Through the larger surface area of ​​the sleeve holes in relation to the grid, we obtain on the same machine at the same energy costs many times more grinding efficiency without traditional grids and knives, eliminating the costs of sharpening and changing tools as well as metal wear.



WW 130

WW 160

Estimated efficiency with traditional cutting set 8 mm, depending on the type of product, temperature, cutting set

Fresh meat up to 2500 kg/h
Frozen meat up to 1500 kg/h

Fresh meat up to 4000 kg/h
Frozen meat up to 2500 kg/h

Estimated efficiency on the sleeve filter SINGRISET 5/7 mm, depending on the type of product, temperature, pressure, separation

Fresh meat up to 3500 kg/h

Fresh meat up to 5500 kg/h

Automatic adjustment of the air pressure

Optionally with the SINGRISET system



• Head made of hardened steel

• Driveway for sleeve adapted to stuffing trolley 200l

• The design allows the machine to be connected in a production line thanks to belt or screw conveyors

• Higher quality and safety

Hole or slotted sleeve

• Large area of holes on the sleeve for larger performance

• Diameter of the holes  is matched to the customer's needs


• Assembly time up to 5 min

• Easy assembly, operation and cleaning


• Regulation and control of working pressure by PLC controller

• Possibility of programming to maintain repeatability


• A smaller increase of product temperature

• Good structure of the product

• No soft fat scrawling effect


• Lack of knives, scrapers, belts

• No costs for sharpening and changing tools

• Long tool life

• Low operating and maintenance costs


• Separation of meat to the structure 3/5/7 mm from the corpses, skins, bones, poultry cartilages, membranes, fish spines after filleting

• Mincing of raw culinary meat or cooked meat with mechanical detection (eg. of pieces of foil, rubber etc.)

• Soft separation

• Cheese grinding



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ossibility of programming to maintain repeatability