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Maintenance and Services

We perform untypical equipment orders for machines for food processing industry. Each order is treated individually according to the needs of the customer. Our service is modern and professional. We also perform precise processing of metal and spare parts production. We renovate and refurbish second-hand butcher’s machines.


In addition to the production of a large range of new machines for the food industry the company continues to perform complex repairs of used equipment.


 Each reconditioned machine in our company is dismantled into individual components, which are subjected to a thorough evaluation of their use and usefulness. Components such as bearings, seals, bushings, pins are in most cases replaced with new ones.


 Engines, gearboxes, transmissions, etc. are removed and the objectionable components are replaced with new ones. The repairs, if possible use original spare parts manufacturers, in situations where such parts are not available we make it on our own or replace with other counterparts.

Stainless steel components (eg housing bodies) are ground and polished or sandblasted. The internal parts of bodies are subjected to blasting, then coated protective paint.


 Comprehensive review and exchange pass the electrical and control systems. We adapt them to the applicable standards and regulations, the most often installed control panels are digital or PLC.


 Finally refurbished equipment before delivery to the customer is tested with a simulation of the expected operating conditions. There are also all the equipment upgrades and adjust to the needs and recommendations of the client.

 Refurbished unit is under our warranty service.


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