About us


The company EKOMEX Pilśniak, has been established in 1998 basing on years of experience in the service and repairs of machinery, combined with the knowledge of technology of meat production. Since 1999 we design and manufacture machines for food processing industry under our own EKOMEX brand. The machines which we produce reach the highest worldwide standards.


Our motto Power of Possibilities expresses abilities in adaptation to the Client’s requirements to make it:


Better - we will design and adapt the machine to your needs better than the others

Faster - we will implement all your suggestions and tips faster and more flexible than the others

Smarter - we will conduct all services smarter and more efficient than the others

Our work

Professional and experienced team of workers watches over introducing the products meeting the highest functional, hygienic and quality norms. The good production results can be obtained because of well equipped production stands and quality control system covering all the production stages as well as suppliers providing components to our machines.

The company EKOMEX Pilśniak introduced the Quality Management System PN-EN ISO 9001:2015. The company introduced the most up-to date production technologies (plasma and laser cutting, Water Jet), stream treatment and numerically controlled machine tools CNC.

 Thanks to those technologies our machines are well known and appreciated in Poland, but also in the whole Europe and on the other continents (Asia, Africa, North and South America).

Professional and versatile


Ul. Częstochowska 49A

42-140 Panki

Tel. +48 34 317-94-80

Mob. +48 600 094 417